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Fresh, Handmade Food

Thyme & Season are a Nottingham based catering company with over 10 years experience of making beautiful food for you to enjoy

Bringing fresh vibrant catering to your events.

Choose from Street-Food, Buffets, Box Meals and Feasts.

Catering for Weddings, Celebrations,  Corporate and more.

Flavours from around the World.

Feed your Guests Beautiful Handmade Food.

We specialise in dietary requirements - food for everyone.

Tracey, Nottingham

“Fantastic Food!
I love the wonderful taste and quality of Sam's dishes.  Hard to believe something this nice is also good for you!"

Ryan, Nottingham

"I’ve been lucky enough to sample plenty of Sam’s amazing cooking over the years and all the food is produced to a fantastic standard."

Pankuri, Nottingham

“The food is so fresh and beautiful - Sam and James put so much thought and care into it”


Thyme & Season provides catering in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the East Midlands.

Bringing people together to eat is our favourite thing, and we want your guests to come together and enjoy the food and enjoy your event.


We make all our food from scratch with fresh ingredients.  Food for us is a labour of love, and we give it the time it deserves.


Flavour and quality is everything!


Order a curry and you can be sure that we have spent hours getting the flavours just right.


Cakes are moist and moreish. 


Salads are fresh and full of quality produce.


Meats are tender and falling off the bone, using local and organic suppliers.


We specialise in catering for dietary requirements. So that everyone can enjoy their meal.


We offer fresh handmade food, whether it’s a box meal for a corporate event, street food for a laidback wedding, feasts for a private party or buffets for a birthday. 


We can cover a range of events. 

Find out more...


Street Food

Who doesn’t love street food?  The smells, the flavours, the buzz?


We have been running a street food business since 2018 with Dosa Love, our sister business, selling plant-based and gluten-free Indian Street Food.


Here at Thyme & Season we do World Flavours!

Thai, Jamaican, French, Italian, Mediterranean! The list goes on… 


We make all our food from scratch.  Our curries simmer for hours with ground spices and fresh herbs.  Organic meats fall off the bone, and flavours meld.


Imagine Persian Lamb stews filled with herbs and spices, served with rice and a delightful apple and date salad.  A Mushroom Bourginoun, with lashings of mash.  Curry Goat with Rice & Peas.  Thai Green Curry made from scratch.


We serve our food at events mainly in the East Midlands.

Attending art events, small festivals, community events and markets.  We love to be where nice people are.  See our upcoming public events here.

Get the Street Food buzz at your event.   Book us to cater for you!


We can serve up in Gardens, Wedding Venues, Office Courtyards, Fields... you name it. We can pretty much serve you anywhere!

Free-From Specialist

Samantha is a Free-From Specialist who can cater for a wide range of Dietary Requirements

thai green curry.jpg

Main 14 Allergens
& Plant-based

We can cater for the main 14 allergens + Plant-based diets

With over 11 years professional experience of catering for the main allergies, coeliac disease and vegan diets, we can provide menus that suit you and your guests.


Complex Dietary Requirements

As well as the main allergens, we can cater for more complex dietary requirements for the whole event, or multiple guests.

We are experienced in adapting recipes and menus so that everyone can enjoy great food.


On-Line Shop
Local Delivery

We have an online shop with a range of 'free-from' treats.

Gluten-Free Cakes and Pastries

Plant-based Options

14 Allergens catered for



For local delivery & Pick-Up


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